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Read More Latam 2021: September – New-to-You Writer

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The challenge for this month is to read a book by a new-to-you writer.

There’s something both thrilling and distressing about finding a new writer who you either think you might love or realise you do love. Where have they been all this time? I hope they have a broad back catalogue I can now dig into!

Finding new writers can be tricky if all you rely on is the Amazon algorithm though. I tested this theory last night, circling through a number of my To Read writers and seeing what books got thrown up as recommended. Mostly they were the same, with a few exceptions.

My pick for this month was easy though. It’s a writer I’ve been itching to read for ages but wanted to wait until I could get a paperback copy of her book, translated by the excellent Charlotte Whittle. Yes, that’s right: Norah Lange.

Not got a writer immediately in mind? Enter: this list of recommendations, with one writer per Latin American country, excluding French Guiana (apologies).

As usual, my recommendations for September include books I’ve read or simply books I want to read and review.


Argentina—Mona by Pola Oloixarac (trans. Adam Morris)

Belize—Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell

Bolivia—Tierra fresca de su tumba by Giovanna Rivero

Brazil—Flesh and Bone and Water by Luiza Sauma

Chile—Humiliation by Paulina Flores (trans. Megan McDowell)

Colombia—Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Costa Rica—Maybe Managua by Catalina Murillo

Cuba—Havana Year Zero by Karla Suárez (trans. Christina MacSweeney)

Dominican Republic—Aquí hubo una mujer by Kianny N. Antigua

Ecuador—Jawbone by Monica Ojeda (trans. Sarah Booker)

El Salvador—Maletas Perdidas by Jacinta Escudos

French Guiana—¿? (sorry!)

Guadeloupe—The Restless by Gerty Dambury (trans. Judith G. Miller)

Guatemala—Las flores by Denis Phé-Funchal

Guyana—Tide Running by Oonya Kempadoo

Haiti—American Street by Ibi Zoboi

Honduras—That’s What You Get by Sheila Maldonado

Martinique—The Dancing Other by Suzanne Dracius

Mexico—Oda a la soledad y a todo aquello que pudimos ser y no fuimos porque así somos by Gisela Leal

Nicaragua—For Brown Girls with Sharp Edges and Tender Hearts by Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez

Panama—The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers

Paraguay—(lupa) by Lia Colombino

Peru—Little Bird by Claudia Ulloa Donoso (trans. Lily Meyer)

Puerto Rico—Never Look Back by Lilliam Rivera

Suriname—Reconstruction by Karin Amatmoekrim (trans. Sarah Timmer Harvey)

Uruguay—Crocodile Tears by Mercedes Rosende (trans. Tim Gutteridge)

Venezuela—Malasangre by Michelle Roche Rodríguez

I’ll be reading: People in the Room by Norah Lange (trans. Charlotte Whittle)

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