A Latin American Reading Challenge

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In 2021, I want more people to read more Latin American literature. That’s the really very simple premise of my #ReadMoreLatam Challenge. (Am I trying to generate some Meytal Radzinski-esque, WIT Month challenge buzz for my humble little blog? Maybe.)

The Premise

Over the course of a calendar year, I’ll share monthly thematic prompts and associated Latin American reading recommendations. All you have to do is read. (It does seem unfair, I agree.)

The Prompts

Don’t worry if the prompts seem vague at first glance because on the 1st of each month, I’ll share more information about that month’s challenge, including a list of curated recommendations you can pick from (or ignore entirely in favour of something you actually want to read).

I’ll also tell you what I’ll be reading for that month’s challenge, and post of the review of that title on the last Monday of the month.

January – Genre You Normally Avoid February – Short Story Collection March – Feminism T April – Poetry Anthology May – New-to-you Country June – Indie Editorial July – Beautiful Cover August – Black Latin America September – New-to-you Writer October – Original Language November – Country You’ve Visited/ Want to Visit December – Published in 2021

The Posts

Check back throughout the year, as I’ll link to each individual post as and when they go live.

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Read More Latam 2021: September – New-to-you Writer

Read More Latam 2021: October – Original Language

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Read More Latam 2021: December – Published in 2021

The Hashtags

I truly despise social media but apparently that’s how you generate buzz…and avoid running the risk of creating a year-long reading challenge that nobody completes but you. Ahem.

So, as you’re reading along (which you’re obviously going to do), feel free to use the following so I can share and retweet your titles to my gargantuan following(s).