Review Policy

I’m currently accepting books for review! Here’s my review policy.

Preferences: All books sent to me for review must be:

1) Written by a woman, gender non-conforming or non-binary person from Latin America. I don’t review books by men. I don’t review books from non-Latin American writers.

2) A genre that I read! I generally don’t review historical fiction or YA.

Format: Preferably paperback. I also accept Kindle ebooks through Netgalley. No hardbacks or audiobooks!

Language: I accept books in English (literature in translation) and Spanish. I don’t accept books in Portuguese or French or any other Latin American language.

Location: I’m based in Mexico City. Any books sent to me must have a tracking number or be sent by a courier service and include my phone number on the parcel. (This is non-negotiable — otherwise they simply don’t get delivered!)

Timeframe: I’ll aim to review books on LeyendoLatAm within a month of receiving them. This may be longer for books in Spanish.

Rating: My rating system is listed in the sidebar.

Contact: leyendolatam at gmail dot com