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Read More Latam 2021: June – Indie Editorial

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The challenge for this month is to read a book from an indie editorial.

Indie editorials are the lifeblood of translated literature, of Latin American literature full stop. Sure, you’ve got your Literatura Random House and Amazon Crossing, but indie editorials are publishing the really weird and interesting stuff coming out of the length and breadth of Latin America.

Take Deep Vellum, the Houston-based publisher that’s always publishing books that go way over my head; or Ediciones Antílope which has already published many first-time writers who’ve gone on to be translated into English. And these are just two example among literally dozens of course, but if you’re not already compulsively scouring the social medias of your favourite indies for new and exciting titles, June is the month to do so.

I personally love indie editorials, so I’m excited to dig in and I hope you are too. In fact, I have…shelves of books from indie editorials just waiting to be read, but I’ve opted to tackle a collection of stories by Chilean writer Iván Monalisa Ojeda from Astra House because that gorgeous cover has been calling me for weeks now.

However, as always, my recommendations for this month span countries and languages, from Mexico to Argentina; Colombia to Puerto Rico. And, as always, my recommendations include books I’ve read or simply books I want to read and review. (Also, these editorials represent a mere fraction of the great presses publishing Latin American literature, so feel free to go off-book this month!)


English/ In translation:

Charco Press: Holiday Heart by Margarita García Robayo, trans. Charlotte Coombe

Deep Vellum: Little Bird by Claudia Ulloa Donoso, trans. Lily Meyer

Cardboard House Press: Boat People by Mayra Santos-Febres, trans. Vanessa Pérez-Rosario

And Other Stories: Notes from Childhood by Norah Lange, trans. Charlotte Whittle  

Coffee House Press: Variations on the Body by María Ospina, trans. Heather Cleary  

The Feminist Press: August by Paula Romina, trans. Jennifer Croft  

Astra House: Dreaming of You by Melissa Lozada-Oliva   

In Spanish, French, or Portuguese:

Dharma Books: Quisiera quedarme quieta by Lilián López Camberos

Paraíso Perdido: Quiltras by Arelis Uribe

Ediciones Antílope: Los eufemismos by Ana Negri

Editorial Sigilo: Cometierra by Dolores Reyes

Editorial El Cuervo: Humo by Gabriela Alemán

Editorial Argonáutica: Empty Pool / Alberca vacía by Isabel Zapata

Edições Relicários: Névoa e assobio by Blanca Dias 

Editora MoinhosBrazza by Mariana Brecht 

I’ll be reading: Las Biuty Queens by Iván Monalisa Ojeda

Update: Read my review of Las Biuty Queens here!

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